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Number: Number of destiny: 9. In Pisces, the Sun is sensitive and idealistic. You are "tuned in" to your environment, and aware of everything happening in your world, and to everyone around you. Pisces is the dream sign of the zodiac.

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You may be one of the true dreamers of the world, often getting caught up in impractical plans and ideas. You absorb the ideas and the mental outlook of those around you, for better or for worse The moon in Pisces. A Pisces Moon indicates that you are especially sensitive, perceptive and perhaps even dreamy. You are very responsive to the depths of human experience, having an understanding and affection for nearly all people. With the Moon in Pisces, you can be overly optimistic, sometimes looking at the world through "rose colored glasses. Mercury in Pisces. In Pisces, Mercury produces a mind that is receptive and ruled by feelings.

Your thinking is colored by psychic tendencies, and you usually follow your instincts rather than any sense of logic or reason. You are a dreamer who can get lost in your fantasies.

Birthday Horoscope March 10th Pisces, Persanal Horoscope for Birthdate March

You don't pay much attention to the mundane detail of the everyday world that you live in. Your thought patterns and ideas are opaque and vague. Show all 12 planets in signs. Alternately, this is an initiative to make something beautiful from your dreams—a creative impulse is present and should be followed. Get in touch with your mental development during this Mercury retrograde March.

March 10th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Pisces - Part 2

Reflect on how your immediate environment affects your thought processes. Use this time to be imaginative, devising flexible, working definitions of what it means to feel successful. This Mercury retrograde brings deep seated thoughts to the surface for review. As Mercury, the cerebral planet of communication, moonwalks through your house of mental health, check in with yourself. Uranus, the planet of surprises, finally leaves your sign this week, moving into your house of personal resources.

With Uranus here for the next seven years, it will help you unlearn patterns of greed and materialism. This Mercury retrograde will bring old company back into your life. What faraway, questionable penpals did you used to message in your early days of the internet? Recall your past communities, and realize the ways they made you who you are today. Initiate steps towards some sort of group therapy or art collaboration, if you have access to it, near midweek.

This Mercury retrograde will slow down work for you. This might be frustrating, but with the regularly retrograde planet as your ruler, flexibility is your strong suit. These road bumps give you time and space to figure out the right path in your career, which allows for the most openness and freedom. The new moon provides a new perspective on your responsibilities.

The Astrologer’s Diary: 4-10 March 12222

With Neptune, the planet of illusions, aligned with this new moon, there will be fantasies about your projected career path. Your goals are unbelievable, but with lucky Jupiter in ambitious Sagittarius, you can find guidance in your friends through This will help you see it through. Having a strong core belief can center you in a way that allows for success and a positive reputation. This is a theme for the Mercury retrograde as well, reviewing your thoughts in a way that helps you refine your habits and beliefs.

Horoscope today: March 10, 12222

After throwing you career curveballs for the past seven years, Uranus, the planet of rebellion, changes signs on Wednesday, inspiring you to move beyond armchair activism over the next seven years. This Mercury retrograde cycle asks other people to catch up on what they owe you, a perfect theme for tax season as the messenger planet takes its regularly scheduled break in your house of shared resources. Uranus, the planet of rebellion, moves into your house of fame on Wednesday, spending the next seven years influencing you to make a unique impression on the world.

They feel that for them to move ahead, they have to suck out and get the energy that they need from others and give nothing back. The good news is that there is no law saying that this is how you should live your life.

By simply being more discriminating and standing your ground, you would be able to hang on and hold out for the right partner. Those with a birthday on March 10 are best suited for low-level management jobs. While you can do all sorts of jobs and you have the talent, skills and emotional constitution to handle all sorts of responsibilities, the best job you are suited for, as far as your default personality is concerned, involves low-level management. Now, who would want to be mediocre? Who would want to remain stuck at first level management jobs? Remember, for any great organization to function, there has to be a head, upper management, middle management, low-level management, as well as workers.

It would be nice if all of us would be the head instead of the tail. All this means is that you have to know that there is a happy place in the middle or the bottom.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

If you are the happiest person at that level, guess what? You will probably make more money than other people who are similarly situated. If you are born on the 10 th of March, you have a very emotionally idealistic personality. You feel that love, friendship and other emotional relationships have to be a certain way. Not surprisingly, you treat people based on your highest ideals, and you are easily the most caring, nurturing and compassionate person in any crowd.

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There is no doubt about this. Your big challenge is to attract the right people. While you have a lot to offer, make sure that you attract people that will help you live up to your fullest potential.

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Believe it or not, there are people who are mean to you and who constantly push you that enable you to become a strong person. Know the difference between evil and malicious people, and people who are just challenging you and expecting more from you.