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Services Offered Regardless of your wedding destination, he is ready to travel with you both within the city and anywhere outside so that you get the maximum benefit from his impeccable services. One Time Consultation. To make successful career in astrology and politics, both need good convincing capacity with social engineering abilities.

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Nowadays, these are more lucrative and flourishing businesses. A belief in astrology is surprisingly widespread in modern India. You pick up any newspaper or news channel, astrology is widely liked by readers and viewers. Some channels have dedicated programmes on Astro- predictions.

grahamalika yoga horoscope

Indians are strong believers in astrology and superstition. Politicians are no exception. Newly elected governments take the oath of office on auspicious days and time chosen by astrologers. They change the paint on the wall, drapery and upholstery and rearrange furniture as directed by their spiritual gurus. Then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was known to be fully guided by the astrological advice of a godman in doing practically anything.

Modi to common man, everyone has some or the other astrologer to take care of their fortune. There are stories around that the astrologer had rightly predicted that even if she lost the Lok Sabha polls, she would become a minister.

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According to TV reports, in her four-hour long meeting with panditji, HRD Minister reportedly asked several questions on her political and personal future and also thanked the astrologer for his correct prediction. The no-nonsense astrologer is patronised by the common man and chief ministers alike.

Former chief ministers Chimanbhai Patel and Chhabildas Mehta used to consult him. A narrow lane behind an unremarkable government office in Rajkot leads to a dark two-room house that sees a flurry of activity. This is where Pranab Kumar Bhatt receives visitors. But mention Guruji and everyone in this town can give you directions. Ninety nine per cent of politicians do believe in superstition, they all consult their astrologers to seek guidance before venturing in something. Anyway, astrology is a personal belief.

Also many celebs in India be it Industrialists or business Tycoons or actors, they all believe in this and many media group owners ask their own astrologers what should be their next step. When a galaxy of astrologers and the alignment of planets determined so much, nearly all of our leading politicians continue to consult astrologers. So he brings the bundles in front of the person or online on vedio chat and starts reading out. If any information read out is correct, then the native has to say "YES".

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Then the Astrologer continues to read the same leaf. Even if a single information doesn't match, the native has to say "NO". Then he skips the leaf and goes to the next. Likewise he goes on reading out till all the information matching the native's life is found in a single leaf. This is the leaf in which the prediction for the native is found. This leaf can the very first one or any leaf of the searched out bundles.

The details may be about the name of the native, their parents or spouse, which may be direct or symbolic; Their rank in their family, number of sisters, number of brothers, number of sons and daughters, the source of income at the present period, date of birth, birth star or moon sign. From the date of nadi reading, the person's future, how the fate rules their life, what are the do's and don'ts etc.

Virasat's Dharohar Awards 13, Dharohar Samman to World Famous Astrologer Pt. Kedar Sharma

These all are written thousand of year ago in poetry form in Tamil by Agasthya Muni when he was in south India. You can find all leafs in Liabrary in Tanjvore.